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17 January 2020Booking form University Library visit 17 March 2020
10 January 2020Gift Aid Declaration Form 2020
06 January 2020Booking form for Tudor SID
02 December 2019Booking Form Hampton Court Palace
06 November 2019Trip Report - Hamilton Kerr Institute 4 November 2019
23 October 2019Membership Application Form 2019 v3
06 October 2019Booking form South Devon holiday
06 October 2019Lunch Loch fyne
06 October 2019south Devon holiday flyer
06 October 2019Booking form for Fitzwilliam
01 July 2019The Arts Society Cambridge AGM Minutes 2019
07 June 2019The Arts Society Cambridge Lecture and Special Interest Days Synopses
07 June 2019The Arts Society Cambridge Data Protection Policy
03 April 2019Accounts to 31 March 2019 with certificate
22 March 2018Thank you letter from the Fizwilliam Museum
13 July 2017The Art Society Cambridge Constitution and Rules 2017