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A letter from our Chairman

April, 2020

Dear Members and Visitors

First of all, for reasons you will all know, I am very sorry to say that our lecture Programme for the rest of the 2019-20 season has been cancelled.  We are hoping to put the three lectures we shall be missing in April, May and June into the 2021-22 Programme and the Special Interest Day too.  Our visit to Newmarket is also cancelled.  In these  extraordinary times, all we can do is look forward to the next season, and that said, don't forget to renew your membership!  The Renewal letters have all been sent out and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all in October.  

To keep in touch, do please read the Mailchimp messages when we send them so you know what is on offer and can keep up to date with our plans.  Please look too at the News section for a super-abundance of ideas for avoiding boredom - they range from jigsaws, to ballet, to drama, virtual tours and even a quiz.  


Welcome to the Home Page of The Arts Society, Cambridge.  Our Society is vibrant and friendly and if you are looking at this page out of curiosity, do look at other pages of our website and learn more about what we do, who we are and what our purpose is.  Our membership year runs from October and if you are not a member and would like to join, please contact our Membership Secretary by email on

Your Committee always work hard to prepare a diverse and diverting programme and we hope you will enjoy all that is on offer.  I am proud of the variety of subjects in our programme and know from talking to members that it is often the lectures one doesn’t expect to enjoy particularly which are the most enthralling.This year we have enjoyed looking a Snow and Ice in Art, gloried in fabulous early twentieth century jewellery, learned about the National Gallery in WW2, looked at and through Glass, been nosey but well-informed neighbours in Great Bardfield and heard about the Silk Roads.

The Arts Society's remit is broad as is indicated by our Special Interest Days as well as our lectures; our visits are very special too.  We have already thoroughly enjoyed an exclusive visit to the Hamilton Kerr Institute and  the Fitzwilliam Museum with a special talk from Vicky Avery.  We've been to Hampton Court Palace and Ely Cathedral too.

The work of our Heritage Volunteers is hugely satisfying and I know, appreciated by our hosts.  We have groups working in the Old Library at Magdalene College and the David Parr house and we have just started a new Magdalene College project in the College Archives.  I am so pleased so many members are able to be involved with these exciting projects.  If you would like to know more, talk to a committee member at the next lecture.

A note for our members about parking. It has been tricky but I think is getting easier.  If you have had difficulty parking at Churchill in the past, please take the time to look at to plan a journey using the bus.  From the Madingley Road P&R you can either walk through to Eddington Avenue and get a U bus or you can walk down to Madingley Road, opposite the British Antarctic Survey and get the C4 bus.  Both will take you to the bottom of Storey's Way.  

Whether you come by foot, bus, bike or car you will be very warmly welcomed at our Society and I hope you will enjoy your membership all year.  I hope to see you when we open for business again in October.  

Stay well and remember if you are a member, to look at the Instant Expert emails from The Arts Society to relieve the tedium if you are self-isolating!

Sue Greenwood



Latest News

There are all manner of new ways of connecting with Arts Society members across the world being worked on at present.  Have a look at the News tab to see more!


Message from our Chair, Sue:

Dear Members
Covid-19 and other news
With regret we must announce the cancellation of the final three lectures of our 2019-20 season. The visit on 17 March to the UL, the SID on 19 March and the Newmarket visit on 23 April have also been cancelled.  All payments for the mentioned visits and the SID will be returned. 
The three lectures and the SID will be included in the 2021-22 Programme (the 2020-21 programme was finalised a year ago!) so if there was something you were particularly looking forward to, you won’t miss it.
Regarding our 18 June visit to the David Parr House, we are keeping this option open for now. The house is closed now until the end of May and they will be assessing whether visit bookings made after that can go ahead closer to the date.
For those members booked on our May holiday to Devon, we have not as yet received word on whether that trip will go ahead or not. If you have questions or concerns in the meantime, please be in touch with Allison.
The AGM will be rescheduled and we shall let you know more about that in due course.  We shall be putting the Society’s Accounts and the reports from Officers (The Chairman, The Treasurer, the Heritage Volunteers and Church Recording Secretaries) which would have been presented orally at the AGM in May, in the Documents section of the website in late April/early May so you will be able to read them then.
 Please don’t forget to renew your membership now though if you haven’t already!  We shall be up and running again in October and look forward to seeing you all then.  If you renew now you can forget about that bit of admin and enjoy your ample free time doing much more interesting things than online banking or writing cheques.  A lot of you have already returned the form to Miranda and to you – thank you – but others have just not got round to it perhaps or are “leaving it for now”.  Please don’t!  If you have lost the form, it’s available on the website or you can download it by clicking HERE
 I wish you all a healthy few months before we meet again, and look forward to seeing you on 8 October.
 Sue Greenwood
18 March, 2020



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