This has been a mixed year for me as Group Leader but I am very pleased to report that I have gathered together an enthusiastic team involving a number of new members.  This means that there is good news to tell you in that we have started a new church, namely St Michael and All Angels at Abington Pigotts.  The recording there is going on well and I have optimistically forecast that we should complete the record by the autumn.

Meanwhile after many delays for all sorts of reasons, which I need not detail save to say that some were serious, I have this week taken the Record of Michaelhouse to the binders as the first step towards presenting it in the church and sending the required numbers of copies to NADFAS House.

Further good news is that the recording of St Nicholas at Great Wilbraham has gone well and should be completed in not too long.

Finally I have to tell you that I have decided that it is time for me to relinquish this responsibility and that we should take steps to find a new leader.  So far I have been unsuccessful.  I am not too sure whether this is good or bad news and you must decide.  It will not happen too quickly as it will soon be time to choose a new church and I would like to oversee that.